Stanton F. McNeely III, EdD
Clothing by Saks Fifth Avenue: Boglioli jacket; Eton shirt; Paige jeans

As the newly appointed President of the University of Holy Cross, Dr. Stanton F. McNeely III is not only enlightening the minds of his 1,100 students on the New Orleans campus, he’s also opening their hearts to prepare them for life.

Dr. McNeely, a New Orleans native and himself a UHC graduate, says the only way to prepare someone for their future is by moving forward in faith, spirt and action — the mission for success first laid down by the Marianite sisters who founded the University of Holy Cross 103 years ago. With the 2018 opening of the university’s first dormitory and the new Health Sciences building ready for classes starting in January 2020, Dr. McNeely is spearheading a personal crusade of not only expanding the footprint of this New Orleans university’s educational legacy, but also enlarging the hearts and minds of its residents.