What makes Art & Eyes different?  We are a unique business by virtue of the fact that we’re an independent eyewear retailer. We don’t stock anything from the large corporate manufacturing giants who control 90 percent of the eyewear market in this country; less than 5 percent of our inventory is made in China. We hand pick every single frame and we rarely repeat exact styles. Clients appreciate the exclusivity this offers them, and which they can’t find anywhere else.

How did you come up with the idea?  It just makes sense to combine eyewear with art and design. We are probably breaking every single retail rule, but it works – people love what they find in our stores in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.

Tell us about your current favorites?  My current favorites are the super slick, gorgeous colored titanium frames handmade in Belgium, from Theo. They started the company 28 years ago because no one was making fun, avant-garde eyewear. Their collections never cease to amaze and amuse! We carry around 1,600 styles, including classic designers, and we’re constantly receiving new stock. This large inventory allows us to find the right style for every face. We also make sure that the eyewear suits our clients’ budgets and lifestyles.

Tell us something people don’t know about Art & Eyes?  People don’t always realize we also carry accessories, hand-made clothes and jewelry. Right now, we have a wonderful collection of distressed tin jewelry from recognized artist Cynthia Cook, who’s from New Mexico. I’ve personally collected her small shadow boxes for years, so to have her jewelry in store is wonderful.

Is there anything else you would like to share?  Our belief is if you see good, you feel good and you look good, too!


Art & Eyes

3708 Magazine St. | 891-4494