How did you start the business? I met Roy Dunn in 1984 and joined his antiques business. We moved from Houston to New Orleans in ’92 and added flowers in ’99. This was a natural direction for me, as I have had a floral business since the age of 13.

Didn’t you just move? Yes, we’ve moved into a lovely 19th century home located at 3433 Magazine St. We have beautiful holiday decorations for sale, including Christopher Radko ornaments.

What flowers are best to decorate with during the holiday season? Fresh holiday greens and berries; paperwhites are my favorite, people either love them or hate them, but I fall on the love side. Amaryllis and orchids are also nice.

Do you think New Orleanians love to decorate with flowers? Yes, having flowers as part of your regular décor is a very Southern thing. Also, New Orleans is such a social city; people love to entertain, and having flowers as part of their décor is a must.

Any insider tips on decorating with flowers? You can use exterior shrubs inside. Keep them healthy outside and drag them in when entertaining. I love to see an oak sapling as an accent in a dining room corner.

Tell us some rookie mistakes people make with flowers. Too many varieties in one arrangement; mono-botanical arrangements let the viewer appreciate the flowers used.

What are the trends now in flowers? The trend is towards more loose and unorganized “natural” type arrangements. 

Dunn & Sonnier Antiques • Flowers • Gifts, 3433 Magazine St., 524-3235,