Stick It to Me

It has taken me six years of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease to be at least tolerable of needles. Nothing, however, hits you like the news you’re going to have to start an IV infusion treatment as your new medicine plan.

You mean I have to sit there with a needle in my arm for however long as medicine dripped into my body? To say I was nervous would be an extreme understatement.

How would I prepare for this moment? Was I going to lose my hair? Would I be sick after or not be able to function? All of these and other horrible thoughts raced through my brain and I immediately began to look up how to prepare myself. After lots of research, the following three things seemed to
be the consensus:

Army of warriors: It is nice to know you have a posse or backup for whatever emotions you may feel, especially on the day of the first treatment.

Blanket, Cap or Head Scarf: It can definitely get chilly in any doctor’s office. Better to be comfortable and bring any extra blankets to make sure you’re comfortable in the moment.
Book, Magazine or Electronics: Distraction is the best for certain situations. Bringing something to read, a game to play or your favorite Netflix show to help pass the time. Just sitting and thinking about the situation will make your anxiety skyrocket.

My first infusion was definitely easier than I had prepared myself for, but it was still nice to feel ready and in control of the situation. Remember to ask your doctor for any issues they’ve seen their patients experience and if there are any other necessities needed to have a smooth treatment day. It is also good to remember to note any changes between treatments. Your doctor will want to know any and everything happening to your body in between treatments. I write down anything odd that happens, no matter what. I am sure my doctor loves the “TMI” that comes her way, but better safe than sorry.

I would love to hear your infusion therapy stories or how you better prepared for your treatment. Email me your story or suggestions at



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