STREETCAR: Limericks for our Times

Local life lately has not always had rhyme or reason. Since reason remains elusive, here at least is a feeble attempt to find rhyme.

• Bill Jefferson was quite a teaser.
His invitation was really a pleaser:
“Come over for dinner
And you’ll see I am no sinner
I’ll just grab something from the freezer.”

• Jazzland’s roller-coaster was a feat,
Its bumpy ride was a summer treat.
The park closed because of its contention
That there is too much competition
From driving down a city street.

• Uptown folk were his next of kin;
Restorers of his house were Mexican.
Their work was nice,
And at a reasonable price,
Now he can afford to ride in Rex again.

• Ruth’s Chris was a New Orleans creation
Its sizzling steaks were the best in the nation
Then along came Katrina,
The owners said, “Be seeing ya’
“We’re moving to Orlando without reservation.”

• New Orleans’ future was truly sketchy,
Devastation was worst than Betsy,
Folks looked toward a Bush
To give the city a push.
He came, and his name was Reggie.

• Graduate school would be the thing
To make his future income ring.
Now he’s studying the art of frying,
And all about mustard applying,
He got a bonus from Burger King

And now, since you have been good, here’s a bonus limerick which has absolutely nothing to do with anything current, but that only makes sense in New Orleans:

• The krewe took a cruise to the zoo.
The cruiser’s crew knew what to do:
Serve champagne,
And quiche lorraine –
The cruise became a krewe-to-do.

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