Stroke Awareness

Over the last year, one disease has owned the spotlight and globally altered life as we know it. Unfortunately, other life-changing health problems have not dissipated with their lack of spotlight. This month, we’re increasing stroke awareness with information that could be helpful to you or a loved one in the instance of stroke. Take a moment to consider your risk for this nationally prevalent and very serious health condition—improving your health now could help prevent a stroke. Local healthcare providers offer advanced treatments and helpful information on what to do if someone you know is experiencing a stroke. The following resources and information could help save a life or improve and hasten recovery. From certified primary stroke centers to rehabilitation centers, quality care is available in Louisiana.


Thibodaux Regional Rehabilitation Center

For some stroke survivors, the road to recovery involves substantial rehabilitative therapy to regain basic functional independence. When making the choice between rehabilitation programs, it is important to choose a program that specializes in stroke rehabilitation. Thibodaux Regional Rehabilitation Center has an accredited Stroke Specialty Program, offering the most current rehabilitative treatments to stroke survivors close to home.

One such treatment is VitalStim Therapy, which has been shown to improve swallowing in patients when used in combination with traditional therapies. Together, VitalStim and traditional therapies allow therapists to accelerate strengthening, restore function and help the brain remap the swallowing process. Approved for the treatment of dysphagia by the FDA, VitalStim is a non-invasive external electrical stimulation therapy. At Thibodaux Regional Rehabilitation Center, VitalStim-certified full-time Speech-Language Pathologists offer this safe and effective treatment to accelerate the recovery time from a restricted diet and help patients achieve sustained improvement and long term results.

For more information, please call Thibodaux Regional Rehabilitation Center at 985-493-4782.


Every second counts, especially when having a stroke. Every year, more than 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke. Stroke kills almost 130,000 people each year—that’s 1 out of every 20 deaths—according to the Centers for Disease Control. It’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms of Stroke, and remember the helpful acronym of “BE FAST:”

Balance: Loss of balance

Eyes: Blurred or double vision

Face: Numbness or weakness in the face

Arm: Numbness or weakness in arm or leg

Speech: Difficulty Speaking

Time = Brain: If symptoms occur suddenly, and you have severe dizziness or headaches, call 911

If you or someone you know experiences these symptoms, call 911. Treatment is most effective when started immediately. Touro is a certified primary stroke center and provides immediate, life-saving care to stroke patients. Visit to learn more. 

Tulane Comprehensive Stroke Program

The Tulane Stroke Program is recognized by the American Heart Association as being on the Gold Plus Elite Honor Roll, its highest designation for excellence in stroke care. Tulane is also the only Joint Commission Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center in Orleans Parish. Its dedicated neuro intensive care unit is staffed 24/7/365 by board certified neurocritical care and stroke physicians with the knowledge and experience to treat the most complex and emergent neurological cases. EMS routinely routes ambulances to Tulane for stroke and aneurysm patients to ensure the best chance of survival and recovery.

Tulane is the regional hub in a broad tele-health network that partners with numerous hospitals in Louisiana and Mississippi, providing emergent evaluations through robotic video conferencing at distant hospital emergency rooms. Time is of the essence in diagnosing and treating stroke—these services are critical to initiating therapy quickly.

Dr. Justin Salerian is Director of Tulane’s Comprehensive Stroke Center. For more information, go to 

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