As Stroke Awareness Month inches closer it serves as a reminder to brush up on stroke prevention, warning signs, and treatment. Though stroke remains a leading cause of disability within the United States, its warning signs are so subtle they often go undetected. Quick action can be the deciding factor between full recovery and permanent disability, making preventative behaviors and familiarity with stroke symptoms doubly important. Fortunately, Louisiana is home to a wealth of exceptional healthcare providers and health resources delivering nationally recognized stroke treatment and rehabilitation programs. Take a look at the following resources to learn more about preventative behaviors, symptoms, and treatment options in the area.


Thibodaux Regional Rehabilitation Center

For some stroke survivors, the road to recovery involves substantial rehabilitative therapy to regain basic functional independence. When making the choice between rehabilitation programs, it is important to choose a program that specializes in stroke rehabilitation. Thibodaux Regional Rehabilitation Center has an accredited Stroke Specialty Program, offering the most current rehabilitative treatments to stroke survivors close to home. One such treatment is VitalStim Therapy, which has been shown to improve swallowing in patients when used in combination with traditional therapies. Together, VitalStim and traditional therapies allow therapists to accelerate strengthening, restore function and help the brain remap the swallowing process. Approved for the treatment of dysphagia by the FDA, VitalStim is a non-invasive external electrical stimulation therapy. At Thibodaux Regional Rehabilitation Center, VitalStim-certified full-time Speech-Language Pathologists offer this safe and effective treatment to accelerate the recovery time from a restricted diet and help patients achieve sustained improvement and long term results. For more information, please call Thibodaux Regional Rehabilitation Center at 985-493-4782.

Tulane Doctors 

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability and the 4th leading cause of death in the United States. In Louisiana, the incidence of stroke and death related to stroke has consistently been higher than most other states in the U.S. Caring for populations throughout Greater New Orleans, the Tulane Doctors Neurosciences team educates patients in stroke prevention, provides comprehensive stroke treatment and management, and offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

Time can make all the difference when preventing and treating a stroke. The Tulane Stroke Program ensures patients receive immediate care and get the best treatment possible. The program includes board-certified vascular neurologists and vascular neurosurgery team providing state-of-the-art endovascular neurological interventions. Participation in clinical trials may be offered, providing the most up-to-date advances in stroke treatments. The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association has awarded the Tulane Stroke Program its highest honor – Gold Plus Stroke Center.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Tulane Doctors Neurosciences, visit or call 504-988-5564.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is devoted to its mission to improve the health and lives of Louisianians. Blue Cross encourages you to learn more about stroke prevention, early warning signs and treatment options. When someone is having a stroke, time = brain. Getting medical attention immediately is key to lowering your risk of death or long-term complications. That’s why it’s important to know the warning signs of a stroke: numbness, difficulty speaking, being unable to move all or part of your body, or dizziness. If you see someone having these symptoms, call 911. Have an annual wellness visit with your health care provider to check your numbers for blood pressure and other key health indicators. Ask about your family/medical history and your risks, and get tips for healthy habits to prevent a stroke.

For more information on Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, visit or call 1-800-495-2583.