Student Activist: Emmanuel Levy

“We all have personal struggles, and it’s in this vulnerability to be open that we build each other up and become stronger because of it,” says Emmanuel Levy, a Senior at Brother Martin High School. “This complete immersion into a community of like-minded individuals has deepened my own values because I see the drive and passion in those around me, and I strive to be better and to do better in my own life.”

Levy has always been inspired by his mother, Jerussa Levy, to be a better person in his community. Her unwavering faith and dedication to what’s right are some of the qualities that he admires most about his mom.

During her pregnancy, the OBGYN noticed that there was an abnormality on the ultrasound and that her son may have Down Syndrome. His mom had the choice to confirm the diagnosis and risk the pregnancy or just let the fate of her child stay in faith.

“Inspired by her strength, I now defend those who are hurting by sacrificing my own time. She influences me to be more like her every day, and I’m so blessed to call her my mom,” says Levy.

One of the most rewarding volunteer experiences Levy has taken part in is the annual Catholic Youth Organization trip to San Antonio. The group completed various service work, but Levy was able to volunteer at a special needs day care foster home hybrid for children with disabilities.

Volunteering at this home meant that the children’s parents could attend work-related events or job interviews. On the weekend, the home also provides services so parents can have a date night.

“Even though I’m surrounded by people who are all fighting for the same cause, we all have our own reasons and personal stories of why we fight,” says Levy. “No two stories are ever the same, and each is uniquely important.”

Levy is undecided where he wants to go to college, but so far has been accepted into the University of Notre Dame and Tulane University. Over the past eight years, the Levy family has road tripped across the country and he has already visited 48 contiguous states.

Before going to medical school, Levy hopes to take a gap year to bring his activism to Colombia – the country where his grandmother currently lives.


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