“Giving back to communities is a selfless and humbling experience, which causes us to look at life from different angles and perspectives. The new outlooks we gain from our service experiences, hopefully, allow us to change our lives for the better by increasing understanding and tolerance in the world,” says Matthew Paul Armbruster a senior at Brother Martin High School.

One of Armbruster’s most rewarding experiences as a volunteer is working with the Miracle League. During his time with Miracle League, Armbruster was able to help kids play baseball, while also growing himself.

Armbruster says, ”I have always admired the advice that if we can have an impact on the life of one individual, then we have made a difference and our job on earth is fulfilled.”

While volunteering at the Miracle League, Armbruster realized that there is so much in his life that he can appreciate and he was rewarded by giving back.

Armbruster has also volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank. He first started volunteering to fulfill the required service hours for school. During this time Armbruster realized that he wasn’t just packing donations to put on a shelf, but was helping hungry families meet a basic need.

“I found out that I liked helping others who may not be as fortunate as myself, which caused me to start appreciating things I had previously taken for granted – things like spending time with family and friends or waking up with a happy home or having food on the table, things I realize now that you can’t truly put a price tag on,” says Armbruster.

Robert Armbruster, Armbruster’s late grandfather, inspired him to become an activist. Robert’s work with the church, ushering, holding doors, and assisting with the collections, are just a few things that Armbruster looked up to his grandfather.

“My favorite thing about him was that anytime he was needed somewhere, he would drop whatever he was doing and be there as soon as possible to lend a hand. He was a very selfless individual,” says Armbruster.

Armbruster is undecided on where he wants to attend college next school year but wants to continue to play tennis at whatever school he attends. Armbruster wants to study something in the health field, whether that is veterinary medicine, physical therapy, pathology, and sports medicine, the next few years will help him decide. No matter where his career brings him, Armbruster wants to continue serving others.   Φ