“It is important to be involved in your community because the more you put into something, the more you get out of it,” says Catherine Frances Sisung, a senior and Student Body President at Cabrini High School.
Last year Sisung went to St. Joseph’s Rebuild Center with her religion class to volunteer. At the center, the students toured the center, met visitors, prepared food and served lunch to patrons. On the bus ride back to school, all of the students shared their favorite memories of the visit, and Sisung shared that her favorite part was being able to meet people who use the Rebuild for daily resources such as receiving food or taking a shower.
“It is extremely rewarding to see how your talents and skills allow you to give back and help those in your community,” says Sisung. “By being involved, you are able to set the tone for other people, and inspire others to take action and become involved.”

Sisung has gained valuable life lessons through volunteering, and she has learned to give back to her community. She has learned that simple actions can inspire her peers to also get involved. She is highly involved with Catholic Youth Organizations through St. Francis Xavier Church. The opportunities through CYO have allowed her to work with people with special needs; collect food and clothing for those who are less fortunate; and raise money for a variety of local charities.

Even though Sisung has had many adults help inspire her activism in her community, she attributes Cristen Conwell, the Student Council moderator at Cabrini, as a major influence in becoming an activist within her community. Conwell pushed Sisung to do her best and to inspire others through her student council positions. Sisung also says that Cabrini’s president, Ardley Hanemann Jr., is another influential adult in her life because Hanemann always tells the student body that mediocrity is never an option. Sisung tries to live out Hanaemann’s words and show excellence in everything in which she’s involved.

Sisung is also an Ambassador for Cabrini, a member of Campus Ministry, a Eucharistic Minister, a member of the speech team and Vice President of the National Honor Society. She plans on attending Louisiana State University for her freshman year and wants to study film. Sisung isn’t sure if she wants to write, direct or produce, but she knows that she wants to make family-friendly television shows and movies that help promote healthy relationships. She hopes to join St. Francis Xavier’s chapter of the Daughters of Isabella – an all-female group that serves others in the community – in the near future.