Student Activist | Shayde Randolph


“A community is where people live in the same place, or even a common place of relations and fellowship with one another. When I’m involved in the community it makes me feel like I’m making a difference. Every small act can make a spark to change,” says Shayde Harmoni Randolph, a seventh grader at Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Randolph is involved with many activities outside of Sacred Heart, including Jack and Jill of America, Inc. This organization helps mothers with children ages 2-19, nurturing future African-American leaders with leadership development, volunteer service and philanthropic giving. This organization also helps connect young Black children all over the United States.

Randolph is also involved with Sideline Pass, an organization that empowers the upcoming generation of women in New Orleans. Sideline Pass focuses on young women who are at risk for being put into foster care, shelters or group homes.

One of the most rewarding volunteer experiences Randolph participated in was a Back to School Drive sponsored by Sideline Pass. Randolph’s whole family participated in the school supply drive, including her mother’s business, which hosted the event.

“We collected all the items, placed them in school bags for each girl and hosted an ‘empowerment lunch’ for the young girls of Raintree House,” says Randolph. “During this experience, I saw so many smiles brought to the young women in the room.”

Randolph’s activism was actually inspired by her parents, Damian Randolph Sr. and Shalan Randolph.

“My parents are always teaching me ways to express my voice and be aware of what is happening in the world,” says Randolph. “I am inspired to keep speaking and find ways I can contribute and be a part of the change in this world.”

Even though Randolph is a few years away from college, she has the desire to attend somewhere in Washington DC or New York City. Randolph plans on studying medicine and becoming a physician while continuing to be an activist.

“I feel that I’ve gained education, morals and experience in my activism. Activism is such a great way to learn new things, and just truly be aware of what’s going outside of our lives. It shows people who are wanting to be change or start change,” says Randolph.

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