“The most significant personal benefit of my activism has been the satisfaction of having an impact on my community both through assisting in successful political campaigns and through assisting in providing houses to those in need,” says William Jackson McGrew, a senior at Benjamin Franklin High School.

McGrew is firmly committed to promoting values of freedom and equality to establish a society in which everyone has the opportunity to live happy, productive lives. Due to these ideas, McGrew has committed to furthering a liberal agenda in regards to marriage equality, women’s reproductive rights, evolution education, renewable energy and aid to the poor and middle class.

As an officer for the Young Democrats, McGrew has been able to organize a voter registration drive, a mock presidential debate and weekly informative meetings about liberal policies.

McGrew has volunteered for many political campaigns, both locally and nationally. Through this work he has participated in phone-banking, canvassing, get-out-the-vote efforts and organizing young volunteers. He has also interned in one of the Louisiana’s Senator’s offices, where he did clerical work, casework, constituent services and research.

“I have not only developed my argumentative skills as an advocate for specific policies, I have also learned how to be a leader and mobilize people in support of causes that do not directly impact them” McGrew says.

McGrew is also very committed in campaigning for action to stop human rights crises and mass atrocities, such as starving children in Somalia. He promotes awareness through social media, face-to-face conversations and involvement in human rights organizations.

McGrew says, “I firmly believe that all people have the same rights to life and freedom as Americans and that the United States and the world have an obligation to promote these rights.”

He plans on attaining bachelor and master degrees in international relations before obtaining a law degree, and on joining the United States Foreign Service as a diplomat.