StyleEbony and Ivory
Photo of Table: Eugenia Uhl
PaulMcCartney was right. Ebony and ivory do live together in perfectharmony, as illustrated in this late 18th-century Italian table.Crafted of exotic Macassar wood and adorned with inlaid ivory etching,each carving and detail enhances the drama of this piece, whilemaintaining a balance between elegant and ornate. Jon Vaccari Design,4858 Magazine St., 899-7632, or go

StyleTimeless Beauty
TheSwedish town of Mora was put on the map for the long-case clocksproduced there in the late 18th century. Farmers in the agriculturallypoor region relied on the sales of the gently curved timepieces toproduce income during the harsh winter months. This clock, a classicexample of Gustavian style, has been restored to a subtle light greyfinish, typical for antique Northern Swedish furniture. DistinctiveDesigns and Décor, by appointment only, 390-3411, or go

StyleA Celebration for the Senses
photo of candles: Benjamin Springer
Akeewakeecandles awaken the spirit and the soul with the power of pure soy andessential oils. Each candle is handcrafted and hand-poured by skilledartisans over a three-day process in a studio in Mandeville. Scentsfrom the 2006 White Medallion collection are custom blended by AkeeSukkajonwong, a fifth generation Thai perfumer, and are available in 13signature scents such as invigorating Lime Basil or soothing LavenderAmber. Lux Salon Blends, 3141 Ponce de Leon, 301-2953; Oliveaux, 5422Magazine St., 899-8120; Headset, 6042 Magazine St., 314-1234; or go

StyleAll About You
Itdoesn’t get more “custom” than this. Design experts at Stafford Tile& Stone use your colors, your pattern and your dimensions to createone-of-a-kind designs for your countertops, shower stalls, backsplashesand more. The stained-glass look is durable and easy to clean, but mostimportantly, it’s a look all your own. Stafford Tile & Stone, 5234Magazine St., 895-5000, or go

StylePaper Chase
Bornin New Orleans and trained throughout Europe, artist Alexa Pulitzer iswell known for the fine paper goods that comprise her “La Cartoleria”collection. Her papers stock the shelves of high-end retailers from Toronto to Tokyo, as well as in several local paperies. Pulitzer alsocreates custom items including cocktail napkins (shown here), holidaycards and invitations, exclusively designed with the client in mind toreflect their personal style. Alexa Pulitzer, 945-4843, or go

StyleHeavyweight Champion
Art,science, beauty and brawn are essential elements in creating “theultimate” kitchen gadget, and the Architec spoon rest is just that. Itsstainless steel base offers sleek sophistication without sacrificingdurability, and the silicone pad can handle heat up to 600 degrees. DidI mention that it’s dishwasher safe? Without a doubt, this long-lastingspoon rest will make a long-lasting impression in your kitchen. Toorder, go

StyleNice Lines
Designedby the famed Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Barcelona chair wasoriginally created for the German Pavilion at the 1929 BarcelonaExposition. In 1953, the designer gave Knoll the exclusivemanufacturing and sales rights to the award-winning piece, and thismodern classic was reborn. More than half of a century later, theBarcelona chair is still revered by architectural design enthusiastsaround the globe. Studio BFG, 4513 Magazine St., 891-8785, or go

StyleAll Ears
Getthe movie theater experience anytime, anywhere with the Banshee—theonly desktop speaker of its kind designed for iPods, MP3 players andPSPs. It produces surround sound by using five individual speakers in asingle unit that can easily sit on your desk. The sound quality isclear and precise with powerful bass to dramatically improve thelistening quality of movies, videos and music. RadioShack, variouslocations around town, or go