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Louisiana summers are as hot as crawfish straight out of the boiling pot. By the time you’ve said your vows, cut the cake and danced into the night, the bayou humidity had had its way with dresses, suits and moods. Finishing off the night with the proper transportation is a crucial way to leave on a high note. New Orleans exudes loads of charm, character and romance, so why not combine the three while planning your grand exit? Here’s a handy list of five getaway cars — from the classic to the more, let’s say, “modern” — so you and your betrothed can depart from your wedding in style.


Don’t worry, you can still ride off into the sunset in a classic Crescent City trolley even if your wedding isn’t on the one of the town’s main streetcar lines. Limousine Livery provides gorgeous refurbished streetcars free of both cable restraints and pesky tourists. What’s more, the renovated vehicle’s cushioned seats are an enormous improvement from the city’s current hardwood offerings, so you can cozy up and cool off next to your new spouse without fear of splinters or snags in your swanky attire.

Limousine Livery, 4333 Euphrosine St., 561-8777,

Rolls Royce

Like a June wedding, a Rolls Royce never really goes out of style. So, if you’re having one, why not indulge in the other? Alert Transportation offers a breathtaking vintage ride for that post-reception getaway, and can even supply complimentary champagne for recent brides and grooms. Travelling off while sipping on bubbly in a car equipped for royalty is hardly a bad way to cap off a spectacular evening.

Alert Transportation, 3 West Bank St., 362-4145,  

Party Bus

Is a Rolls Royce a bit too blue blood for your taste? Get in touch with Royal Coach for something a bit more raucous. You’ve probably seen similar forms of transportation blasting tunes and strobe lights as they careen through the downtown streets most weekend nights. A party bus is a staple of the city’s nightlife, and can keep your wedding reception going long after you’ve left the dance floor.

Royal Coach, 22201 MCH Rd. Ste. A, Mandeville, 985- 875-0723,

Horse and Carriage

If disco balls or speaker-shattering music aren’t your thing, then relaxing on an old-school horse-drawn carriage may be the best option. These iconic staples of the French Quarter harken back to more elegant times, and what the horse (or mule) may lack in speed it makes up for in charm. Since 1941, Royal Carriages of New Orleans has offered a stable of ride options for customers, and can cap off that perfect, archetypal Crescent City wedding.

Royal Carriages of New Orleans, 700 Decatur St., 943-8820,

Classic Limousine

Hey, they’re used so often for a reason. Sometimes understated makes the best statement, and Bonomolo Limousines has available both Chrysler 300- and Lincoln Towncar-style rides that are as tried-and-true as black tuxes and white wedding gowns. Both options come equipped with the standard posh limo fare, but won’t overshadow the real stars of the wedding — you and your new spouse.

Bonomolo Limousines, 1401 Lafitte St., 522-0892,



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