I can't believe it's actually June. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of summer, I never have been. I know this season is something that people look forward to all year, but I've always loved the cooler weather – what they call "hoodie" or "football" weather. When I think of the oft-quoted Game of Thrones line "winter is coming," I smile. I've always liked my fall/winter wardrobe better than spring/summer, as it's just much more cozy somehow. I also hate shorts, haven't worn them in years, and much preferring skirts and dresses. I suppose you could say that I probably moved in the wrong direction since I dislike the warmer weather so much, but it gets hot and humid in Ohio too. Ohio just has much harsher winters, and I don't miss cleaning ice off of my car early in the mornings. It's a fair trade.

I'm used to hearing people talk about summer plans, like hanging out in the scorching sun all day is fun. Some people think about getting a tan, and I think about sunscreen and wrinkles. People look forward to going out to various summer festivals (and there are many), while I look forward to hanging out in the air conditioning. I flat-out would not have made it down here a hundred years ago without temperature control.

But this summer, I have made the conscious decision to not be a hermit and to get out there and get some sun – although still armed with several layers of sunscreen. I want to have an amazing summer, instead of a hot and sticky one. I would also like to not grin and bear it, hoping for it to cool down, as I'm getting too old to wish the months away. I've got to live in the moment, and that means having a good time this summer. And not just coming out when it's cooler at night, like a vampire. So I've made myself a little summer bucket list and I'm determined to cross them all out by September.


Get out of town

Ever since moving to New Orleans, I've done plenty of exploring around the city, but exploring the state? I've done next to nothing. I've been to Baton Rouge a few times to visit my husband's family and that's about it. It is pretty pathetic, I know. I'd like to visit some historical land marks, perhaps a plantation. I'd like to go on a fun road trip out to Cajun Country.


My first few years in New Orleans, I actually made it out to quite a few festivals, but have been missing most of them lately due to working on most weekends. This year is different, however, so I'd like to get back out there, including waking up at the crack of dawn for Running of the Bulls, and other various summer staples, like White Linen night and the Satchmo Fest. There is something to do pretty much every weekend in the summers, so you don't want to burn yourself out, but it's also nice to get out there and experience what the season offers.

Comic Con

A long-time dream come true; San Diego Comic Con. I have to stop myself from talking about it too much because I just start jumping up and down and twirling around like a crazy person. Needless to say, I am excited.


Rusty Rainbow

This one I've started. I go walking every morning, up and down the Rusty Rainbow in Crescent City Park a few times. It's like a REAL Stairmaster, only it's free, and in my opinion, a lot harder. It takes a lot of effort, but by the time summer ends, I'm planning on being able to practically jog up and down that thing without needing to catch my breath – and enjoying much more shapely thighs.

Grow stuff

One of the things I've missed from back home is having a garden. There's not much space for it where I live, but it's doable, and I miss making summer dishes with ingredients from my back yard. I already have my tomato plants. Now all I have to do is not kill them.

Finish my book

I started writing a novel way back in November for NaNoWriMo, and this summer, I intend to finish it. It's a bit on the opposite side of what I intend with this "bucket list", but I need to spend my time inside productively, instead of watching TV or scrolling through social media sites. I want to make it a point to put a check on my internet consumption unless it's for research or thesaurus.com.

I shall update next month. Maybe I'll have a picture of a nice and pretty tomato. Though it might still be green, hopefully it won't be dead.