They say the All Star Game of the major league signifies the halfway point of the MLB season but to me it marks the beginning of a whole lot of nothing going on in sports. No football. No hockey. No college baseball. No college basketball. It’s just a bunch of multi-millionaires slogging through a 162-game season. It’s awful.

However, it’s summertime so we shouldn’t be glued to TVs anyway. It’s the perfect time to get outside in the boiling hot sun and work up a nice case of swamp ass. Go for a run, throw some horseshoes, just get outside because anything is better than sitting in front of a TV watching something as dumb as the Big3 basketball league.


The Big3 League

Have you heard about this?

The Big3 is a pro basketball league that features ex-NBA stars. It’s essentially a three-on-three league played on a half court. There isn’t much that the league’s co-founder, Ice Cube, has created that I don’t love however this is a hard pass in my opinion. But hey, if you ever find yourself sitting around wondering what Robert Vaden is up to these days the Big3 has you covered. Or maybe you find yourself pondering, “Can Jamario Moon make a four point shot?” The Big3 is here for you.

You know how the NBA hits the mid-season and no one really wants to play defense? That’s every game of the Big3. It’s the polar opposite of the now defunct AAF league. The AAF was composed of young men giving it their all but still not talented enough to make the NFL. The Big3 is composed old men putting in so-so efforts with no dreams of ever playing in the NBA again. If you’re an old video game lover, the league is a past their prime NBA Jams come to life.

On the flip side, they’ve cut their prices to around $13 so, just looking at it from an entertainment value and you have some kids in tow, that’s not too shabby. The league visits the Smoothie King Center on Aug. 25. I have a feeling I’ll be too busy to attend.


Running of the Bulls

Speaking of new (to me) “sports,” the New Orleans’ Running of the Bulls was rescheduled to Aug. 24 due to Hurricane turned Tropical Storm Barry. I attended last year’s running for the first time and definitely put in an All Star performance.

It took me awhile to get to this event because I thought it was an actual race and everyone knows that Mark Patrick Spencer is no runner. Upon the realization that I didn’t have to run at all, or even walk quickly, I was hyped up for the event. Then someone told me it was at 8 o’clock in the morning and I said nope and another few years went by.

Then one night a tiny angel spoke to me and said, “Mark. Your hair looks great but let’s talk about the Running of the Bulls. Just think of it as you do Mardi Gras Day. You’re going to get up early and go stand in a street with your fellow New Orleanians.” I was hooked.

You should be too! Last year, the afterparty (which is a must) featured Crystal Method and this year local faves Morning 40 Federation will get down with a throng of white and red clad revelers. We’ll drink. We’ll walk. We’ll dance. We’ll walk home. We’ll take “naps” on our couches. All before 2 p.m. It’s awesome.

The reschedule means you have more time to buy those tickets! Buy a few and make sure to say hello. I’ll be the guy wearing red and white.

Summer Fun

Baby Cakes Winning Games

I always joke that it would be funny if the Baby Cakes won the Triple A Championship before pulling up stakes and moving to Wichita. I said it in jest because this has been a bad club for quite a while now but things are seemingly on the upswing at the Shrine on Airline as the Baby Cakes are sitting at 50-43.

Unfortunately, only the winner of the four conferences advance to the playoffs so the Baby Cakes will have to catch the San Antonio Missions to make it. New Orleans trails San Antonio by seven games. On the positive side, the league plays a 140-game schedule so there is still a lot of baseball to be played and this team might be a real contender. Either way, the team is playing good ball in their last year in the Crescent City.

Head out to the Shrine this Friday night for “Stranger Things Night” where everyone gets his or her own demogorgon! That’s a “Stranger Things” joke, y’all. Actually the first 1,000 fans will get a free cap.


And like a fine wine with a steak dinner, every game should be accompanied by a beverage and song.


Beer Pairing: Catawba Brewing’s “Mother Trucker” Pale Ale

Playlist Recommendation: Barry White – “Come On”



Around the Way

Everyone knows that folks in New Orleans love being compared to Mobile, Alabama. Just kidding! The comparison is ridiculous but I have found another similarity between the two southern towns — kayaking in the streets.

At this point, does any storm hit town without news organizations running photos of people kayaking through the streets? Well, Mobile is now in that game as well! Check out this video of my homey Jeff DeQuattro kayaking through Mobile’s Oakleigh Garden District.

More importantly, here’s hoping you and yours made it through the event unscathed. Let’s keep an eye out for those who have not and try to help them in any way possible. Peace.