It’s officially the doldrums now, I think. 

Memorial Day is over. Summer camps are on hiatus. The fireworks last night signaled that we are right in the dead center of summer with not much to do between now and Labor Day except pray for a quiet hurricane season. (Please please please.)

Still, with Ruby in St. Louis with her dad for another few weeks, Georgia and I are trying to work our way through a list of things to do before school starts again mid-August. It’s so hot outside … but according to Georgia, it’s so boring inside, so we are trying to come up with a few things we can both agree on. 

First we plan to take the ferry and go to Ship Island. It was the traditional Fifth Grade Trip at our older kids’ school, and with Georgia going into fifth grade at a different school, she was sad about not getting to go. I’m not even a little bit “outdoorsy,” and I get incredibly seasick, but I managed to chaperone the trip for Ruby after a fistful of Dramamine, so I’m sure I can rally enough to have fun with Georgia, too. (Maybe “fun” is too strong a word, but I can endure it, anyway.)

She also wants to go blueberry-picking in Amite. Banana-berry smoothies and blueberry pancakes are two of Georgia’s favorite foods in the world, so when we went a few summers ago, she was in heaven. Again, I’m not really into “nature,” as such, so I’d rather buy the $3 bag of frozen berries at Trader Joe’s and call it a day, but motherhood takes you places you don’t always want to go. (See last week’s blog about owning a lizard.)

Finally, we’ll wrap up summer with our traditional mini-road trip to the “End of the World” in Delacroix. It’s not even a full hour away, but once you get past Arabi, it’s like you’re in an entirely different place – alligators, elevated houses, marinas, bait shops, shrimp boots, swampland. We always listen to “Tangled Up in Blue” at least once on the way there and once on the way back, singing along to the line about Delacroix. We haven’t been since Hurricane Ida – but even in years without a big hurricane, it always looks a bit different year to year. It’s a poignant reminder of just how close we are to the “end of the world” down here. 

We still have a few more days to fill, though, so if you can think of anything we need to do, please shoot me a message! (Bonus points for things that are inside in the air-conditioning!)