It used to be that the summertime meant that the only shows on TV were reruns, so you were compelled to spend a lot more time outside and in the sunshine, doing summery things. Now we have the "Golden Age" of television, so you can binge-watch awesome shows in the air-conditioning if it gets too hot outside. Either that, or the handful of reality summer staples that I usually avoid like the plague … such as Big Brother and America's Got Talent.

For the past few months, I don't think my TV has been switched to any of the major networks such as NBC, ABC or CBS … everything has been about cable. Here are a few of the better summer shows.


True Blood, HBO

Louisiana's own True Blood. It seemed like at one point, there were a gazillion shows set in Louisiana or New Orleans (American Horror Story, Top Chef), and now it seems like they're dropping like flies. Now all we'll have left is The Originals on the CW, where the main vampire calls our city "New Orleeeenz".

And they're wrapping things up like mad on this show. They'll start a plot-thread that is resolved one or two episodes later, bringing back characters like my old TV boyfriend, Hoyt Fortenterry, and generally making me very sad that this show is ending. Why couldn't it have been this good the past few seasons?

There are only a few episodes left, and while I'm glad that it's ending on a relatively good note, I'll still be sad for it to go.


The Strain, FX

This show is seriously creeping me out, though I shouldn't be surprised given that Guillermo del Toro is behind it. It's seriously messed up. And disgusting. It's a show about vampires, but pretty much the opposite of the True Blood vampires. These guys are not sexy … actually they can't be sexy because their sex organs disappear after being turned. They're more like a hybrid of vampires and zombies … and parasitic worms.


The Bridge, FX

I really liked season 1 this cop drama about the dynamics between the border cities of El Paso and Juarez. I haven't warmed up to the second season, though I'm still watching. Though I'm not sure how they managed to do it, but they found a new big bad that's even creepier than last year's. A woman.


Tyrant, FX

I started watching this drama about a family of rulers in a fictional middle-eastern city on a whim. Mainly because it was the only thing on at the time and I really liked the pilot episode, even though the show has gotten reviews ranging from luke-warm to terrible. But as I keep watching, the less I like it. I've come to the conclusion that no one should be alone a room with Jamal, the volatile psychotic brother … because if you do, you're either going to be maimed or murdered. That's basically the whole premise. Jamal maims and murders, and the much hotter brother stands by and watches in horror.


The Leftovers, HBO

This has been pretty much the opposite of Tyrant. I hated the pilot episode, thinking it was too bleak and tragic. I wondered how so many cool people could be involved with this show … but I love Justin Theroux, Christopher Eccleston, and Liv Tyler, so I kept watching. I'm glad I did, because the past few episodes have been pretty great. I still have no idea what's going to happen or what this show is really about … where some kind of rapture occurs and 2% of the population disappears, but it's not really a rapture. Sure. I'll the first season a whirl.


Outlander, STARZ

It's a story of Scotland and time-travel, two of my favorite things to read about. I can't tell you how obsessed I was with these books in college. I'd skip class to read them … it was so bad. I lost so much sleep because of this series and I've been totally fangirling over the show. You can view the first episode online for free and it's totally worth it. But beware … it can take over your life. And if you read the books, prepare to be consumed for several weeks. 


Breaking Bad, AMC

Since it seems as if AMC doesn't have anything to show right now, they're airing reruns of Breaking Bad on Sunday nights complete with cast interviews and extras. I watched a few episodes last week and it's always fun to go back and watch to see all the Easter eggs you missed the first go-around. The show is so intricately woven that no matter how many times you view it, you'll probably notice something new.


Sons of Anarchy, FX

The last season starts up soon. I'm excited to see how this modern-day "Hamlet" plays out.


The Killing, Netflix

I'm on the fence about watching this. AMC dropped it, but for some reason Netflix picked it up, letting them wrap it up with its 4th season. I'm not sure why, but I watched the first three … probably because something infinitely better was on before it. Also, Joel Kinnamen isn't so bad. Not bad at all. 

After season 1, I was like COME ON (if your tag-line is "Who killed Rosie Larsen", and you don't explain that by the end of the season, you are an asshole of a show) … and then after season two, I was like … whatever, that's who killed Rosie Larsen? Pshhhhh. And then season three looked so promising! A new plot! Homeless teens! But it was still so bad … so bleak … so pointless. I'm not getting burned again.

But then again … I watched the other seasons. So maybe if I'm really bored and desperate, but I probably won't be. I'll probably just rewatch episodes of Outlander if it comes to that.