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Surf’s Up

       In a world where everything is constantly changing and updating, it is no different when it comes to our workouts. Gone are the days of the average stair master and in are the days of the new, improved and never boring. 

       In our endless quest to bring you, our readers, the latest in trends from all over the wedding spectrum, we have found a new workout routine that will have you “hanging 10” every week.

       City Surf New Orleans is bringing New Orleanians an innovative alternative to their workout. These non-traditional workouts are designed to add cardio and strength training, while aboard a surfboard. Three years ago, creator Mitchell Brown saw the boards on ABC’s Shark Tank and decided to design a whole fitness program around them. After two locations in Dallas and one in Austin, Becky Hardin and Michael Angle, friends of Brown, decided to bring the surf to the Big Easy. 

Surf’s Up

      Because the LTEC reporters are nothing short of dedicated, we personally went to City Surf New Orleans to get the lowdown, hang 10 and get the specials for bride from owner Becky Hardin.

      Tucked away in a section of Magazine Street, City Surf New Orleans has an open and inviting vibe. The surfboards, atop three modified versions of a bosu ball, line the room waiting for each class. The City Surf namesake class, as well as the Big Kahuna strength training class is nothing to blink at. The City Surf class is tailor-made for brides looking to get a full body workout chock-full of cardio. The hour-long regime is filled with non-stop movements with designated breaks. Lunges, planks, sit-ups and push-ups are all paired with the attempt to balance on top of the board. The Big Kahuna class is not for the faint of heart. You work every part of your body, strengthening and toning, while moving through a choreographed routine.

       Surf’s UpFrom experience, the first time on the board is filled with laughter and no balance whatsoever. Eventually, the ease of getting on and off the board and going through the movements becomes something of second nature.

       For a fun bachelorette outing or getting you and your bridal party on track, City Surf offers a private group class for $250. Up to 14 people get to come and workout, followed by the option to utilize the backyard for a BYOB after-workout party.**

       There is a six-month auto draft membership for $95 per month. This includes nutritional consulting, a free shirt, a free late cancel and friend pass per month.  Hardin says, “This is a great way to get toned and fit before a wedding, and you'll start to see results within your first few classes.”





City Surf New Orleans, 5924 Magazine Street. 

**The backyard is available for up to an hour after the class for an extra $100 (BYOB) and $50 for every half hour after that.  



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