How did you start your company?
I was ready to move back to New Orleans, and my friends and family encouraged me to bring my unique event planning and design experience from Palm Beach, Florida, to the city.

What’s different about Z Event Company?
I began my career as an interior designer, so I have an especially good sense of spatial relations and design; I’m also super organized.

Tell us about some of your favorite events?
There have been so many! Stunning society weddings, creative debutante parties and fundraisers for the likes of The American Red Cross of Louisiana. Securing Hoda Kotb as the Keynote Speaker for The Tiffany Circle Women was definitely a high point.

What’s the best party you’ve ever produced?
All of them! I am partial to my oldest stepson’s wedding. I did the planning and design, but he stole the show with a shoebox of anniversary cards, one to be opened by his wife for the next 50 years.

Can you tell us any trade secrets?
The best parties start with a great guest list and a host or hostess who wants everyone to have the best time possible. The rest of the details just make it that much better.

Can you give us three party tips?
• Make a timeline for set up and know things will take longer than expected.
• Try to prepare things ahead of the big day; you don’t want to be too tired to enjoy yourself.
• Enlist someone in advance to take photographs.

Z Event Company

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