Sydney Petite Hinds

Founder & CEO, The Village Anthology
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It takes a strong person to turn tragedy into something beautiful. But that’s exactly how Sydney Petite Hinds came up with the idea for a new type of boutique, The Village Anthology. She turned a personal tragedy into a business dedicated to spreading joy and helping others.

A high-achieving woman with an active lifestyle, Hinds’ world was shaken by a bad car accident. One minute she was completing her final semester of grad school at Tulane University; the next, she was coping with recovery from a brain injury. Wracked by migraines, she struggled to get through simple tasks.

To ease the recovery process, Hinds surrounded herself with beautiful, unique objects. These special goods, found in boutiques all over the world, helped her focus on something positive. What is more, dressing her son in uncommon and charming outfits served as a great way to strike up conversations with friendly strangers, helping her reconnect with others after the accident.  

In time, Hinds decided to turn her knack for finding exceptional goods into a business. At The Village Anthology’s online store, shoppers can find products that act as a tangible reminder to live in the moment. Often, The Village Anthology is the only vendor in the U.S. to carry certain products. Swaddle scarves with nature-inspired prints, handcrafted dolls and silk bathrobes are just a few of the products offered. Whimsical, humorous or simply gorgeous, all of The Village Anthology’s wares are chosen to bring the recipient joy.

Inspired by the culture of social entrepreneurship at Tulane, Hinds decided her business would have a double bottom line: doing good in addition to making a profit. Because she dealt with PTSD issues firsthand following her accident, Hinds opted to have her business support mental health initiatives. To this end, The Village Anthology has partnered with The Seleni Institute. A portion of all profits is given to this organization, which works to destigmatize mental health issues worldwide. By supporting parents and families in particular, the institute provides greater access to mental health and medical services.

Interested patrons are invited to visit The Village Anthology’s website, and to keep an eye out for popup shop events around the city. The progressive brand is influenced by New Orleans’ culture and diversity, and Hinds hopes to share that joie de vivre with people throughout the city and around the world. Overall, The Village Anthology’s mission is to spread joy and self-care with objects of beauty. 

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