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Thinking Outside the Basket

How much candy do you throw away after Easter? For me, it used to...

Mirlitons on the Table

  My mom spent her last years in a nursing home. When we visited, her...

My Greatest Blessings

Without any of my trademark cynicism, I can honestly say that my kids are the greatest reason to be thankful.

Soldiers On Parade

  This past Saturday I watched a Veterans Day parade along Harrison Avenue. The crowd...

Thanksgiving in New Orleans in the Nineteenth Century

John Magill is a New Orleans historian and was formally a curator at The...

On Candy and Journalism

Two of my passions

100 Years of Servitude

Fête-Dieu du Vermilion celebrates Diocese Centennial

That Time You…Saw Possibility

How to summer all year long

A Different Easter Date: The Cause Continues

In 2016, Justin Portal Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and, as such, the head...

No New Leaves

Taking stock of my life as the year changes and deciding to change … nothing, really.

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