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Water Lust

Living Near Water--the New Orleans Way

Belles and Whistles

The modern Southern belle is sophisticated, elegant and comfortable almost anywhere! Take a peek at some fresh new looks for spring.

Antiquarian Autumn

After the newness of spring and the busyness of summer, the cooler seasons invite you to settle in with the old.

making a splash

Jump feet first into the season with fun and fabulous jewelry.

Bugging Out

With the weather warm but not yet too warm, it’s the perfect time to entertain in the sunshine — even if you have some uninvited guests.

A Change of Season

Winter is over, and the brutal days of summer aren’t yet here: It’s time to get down and dirty in your garden.

Enchanted Evenings

Romance is a part of New Orleans. It is everywhere. As a Southern city,...

Color Me Cheerful

In many parts of the country, January is a bleak affair, a time when...

Making Merry

Whatever you may be celebrating this December, we raise our glass to you! Traditionally,...

Bright Ideas

The days grow shorter, the nights are cooler, and it is time to seek...

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