Leslie Kramer is the owner of Equest Farm in New  Orleans’ City Park. Leslie recently celebrated her 15th anniversary operating the popular City Park stables. According to Leslie, “Our main focus is our riding school; we teach people to ride from ages six to 70.” Regarding safety around these beautiful large animals, Leslie notes that, “The horses we have here are very gentle…we emphasize safety here…."  Each year, Leslie hosts an event,Tails but no Black Tie. Historically, Leslie uses the event proceeds to help City Park. This year, however, the funds will go to replace the roof on the farm’s main barn. Tails but no Black Tie competitors come from across the country for this exciting jumping competition that offers $10,000 in prize money. To add to the evening’s enjoyment, spectators can bid on each horse and rider in an auction. The highest bidder who has the the winning horse will receive ten percent of the pot; last year’s pot was $35,000.Tickets to the event’s festive gala are $175, and those who wish to simply enjoy the grace and skill of these beautiful horses and riders can purchase bleacher tickets for $10 and $15. The event is Saturday evening, May 16, 2015; visit http://www.tailsbutnoblacktie.org for more information.



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