Take Your Top Off

For as long as we can remember, it has been a tradition, a must if you will, that a couple take off the top tier of their wedding cake, freeze it and save to eat on their first wedding anniversary. Something about this tradition always felt playful and romantic, like a way to relive the day you chose to spend the rest of your life with someone by enjoying the simplest moment all over again.

Where did this tradition come from? How did it become such a normal part of a wedding, like making sure the bride wore a white dress?

With a little research, we found that this tradition is supposed to bring good luck to the couple that is saving the cake. Additional digging told us that a couple was to save the cake to celebrate the christening of their first child, which, when the traditional came about, was usually in the first year of marriage. It was also said that in the 19th century, baptismal cakes, which were more elaborate than a wedding cake, were beginning to take a back seat to the reception cake. The wedding cake then began to take on multiple layers and flavors, outdoing the christening cake. However, with more cake at the wedding, there was more cake not being eaten – usually the top layer. So in order to save the leftover cake and makeup for a smaller christening cake, the couple would just save their wedding cake to celebrate when they had their first child – which everyone expected within months after the wedding.

History aside, remembering a day as fabulous as your wedding day is just amplified by the taste memory brought on from the saved tier. Another option is to have your bakery to send you a small, top tier replica of your wedding cake on your anniversary. If you don’t think you will remember, ask if you can order it when you order your wedding cake. This way, you can still experience the memory, while enjoying the occasion with something tasty.


Did you save your top tier? Let us know what you think about this tradition in the comments.




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