Tara Shaw
Owner, Tara Shaw Maison, Tara Shaw Ltd.

Education: Attended Louisiana State University

Family: Husband, Robby Walsh; two whippets

Mentor: Lisa Newsom, founder of Southern Accents and Veranda Magazine

Tara Shaw has become a star in the world of design. She first made a name for herself by carefully selecting the finest antiques throughout Europe for her showrooms in New Orleans and Houston.

Her eye for detail and authentic finishes landed her and her antique treasures on the cover of Veranda Magazine, a national design magazine, in 2000 and followed by many other features.

The recognition not only fueled business at her Camp Street store but also helped drive her new venture, Tara Shaw Maison. Using her vast knowledge of design elements found in antique pieces, she began designing a line of reproductions inspired by the timelessness of antiques.

The marriage of old and new was a hit, especially since it made elegant designs more affordable. The Tara Shaw Maison line now boasts more than 220 pieces, many featured in national showrooms, magazines and even in the homes of renown New Orleanians. Shaw recently launched 26 new pieces.

Why did you choose to live in New Orleans? I fell in love with the history of the city and the eclectic vibe over 20 years ago. We make over 10 percent of the Maison line in New Orleans to keep work here.
What is your favorite piece of furniture in the home? The anchor piece – it's different in each room. In the living room it could be an 18th century armoire. In the foyer, the anchor piece is always the chandelier.
What is the best European city to get furniture from? My favorite region is Tuscany.

When you walk into an antique store, what is the first thing that catches you eye? Something I have never seen before.
What's your favorite piece in your own house? A console in my foyer that is possibly from the De Medici family in Italy from the 1700s. It's attributed to the family because of the crest and corona that adorns the front.
What famous person's home would you like to walk through? Diane Keaton.

How did you get this design eye? I think God gives each person a different talent. I was given the talent to envision beauty in all elements.

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Tara Shaw