Taylor Lyon

Owner/Curator, Graphite Gallery
Jeffery Johnston

Why did you open your gallery? Graphite was opened with the intention of showing collectors how you can fill a space with a wide array of art and artists. Collecting is a form of creativity.

What’s different about Graphite? We try to bring very clean and very contemporary work to Royal Street mixing pop art with abstraction and more classic sculpture.

Who are your chosen artists? We have up and coming artists to those firmly mid-career, and having an on-going relationship with an artist and his or her work is very exciting. A collector can watch a career of ideas unfold in real time.

Who are your clients? Generally, once someone has decided they like my taste and believe in my roster they’ll check in to see what’s new. My job is to bring important work to each collector that fits with a particular interest or fits with the collection they’re building.

What are your favorites in the gallery right now? Some of my new favorites are these pinhole camera shots of dinosaurs by Sam Davis. They are dignified and strange with a bit of smirk lurking in the idea. Also, we just brought on Anja Van Herle, an artist out of L.A., who’s doing large-scale pop art portraits of women. They are retro, painterly, bright and sexy.

Graphite Galleries New Orleans

 936 Royal St.
(505) 565-3739


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