In the wedding world, we are bombarded with apps and forms and “quick fixes” to solve all of our wedding problems. But every so often, we are gifted with a true present from the technology gods. We have stumbled upon our recent technology present and it is very promising. This website and app is a way for all of your guests to be up-to-date on accommodations, places, times and pictures involving your nuptials. and the WedPics app is user-friendly and has adorable design and other visual elements. Its amenities are organized and listed in a convenient sidebar menu and pictures and information can be uploaded almost easier than other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, because you can do everything in-app, without opening other apps or, for example, your camera roll.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite and most useful aspects of this app.



  • Upload and share pictures specifically with your friends, family and guests
    • With a simple download and code, you and your wedding guests can share all of the pictures from the different celebrations surrounding the wedding and your big day. Each picture is uploaded directly into the app, with filter and enhancement options similar to Instagram, and saved to your camera roll.

Tech Talk: WediPics AppTech Talk: WediPics AppTech Talk: WediPics App


  • Printable options for pictures, cards to insert into invitations with the app information and other helpful forms for different wedding parts
    • A continuous roll of pictures appears on the app and can be separated into event specific albums. These pictures can be selected and printed all through the app. In addition, couples can order photo booth props, self-designed cards to insert into invitations with instructions and the special code to the couples specific WedPic site, as well as other [monetary] print and app options.

Tech Talk: WediPics AppTech Talk: WediPics App


  • Ability to add all of the wedding information for guests
    • In app options allow a couple to add hotel accommodation information, venue locations, different events happening leading up to the wedding and registry information. This allows guests to go on the website or in the app to get all of the information they will need for every aspect of your nuptials.

Tech Talk: WediPics App


  • Wedding day countdown
    • On the homepage of the website and app is a convenient countdown to the big day for both you and your guests to keep track.

Tech Talk: WediPics App


  • Organize all pictures
    • The albums option for all of the pictures gives everyone involved a way to organize everything. The couple gets to see individual event pictures and if mom and grandma want to buy a specific picture from the bridal shower, they know exactly where to look.

Tech Talk: WediPics App


In the age of technology and the hashtag, it’s great to find an app and website that keeps up with the ever-expanding technology world and is easy to use. It looks attractive, is convenient and organizes everything one could need from “Yes” to “I do.”