When it comes to planning a wedding, everyone needs a little help. Even if you’ve hired a professional wedding coordinator, with so many moving parts from catering and cake to dresses and décor, there is a lot of information to keep straight on any given day. On my most recent segment on WWLTV Channel 4, we discussed handy apps for couples in the throes of wedding planning. In case you missed it, here’s a brief recap of the three apps we discussed during the segment.

The great thing about all three of these is that they are free and available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Also, Evernote and Mint include desktop or web versions, which automatically synch with your other devices. Finally, each one can be used in everyday life after the wedding.




This planning and organizing app allows you make notes and notebooks within the app or to scan typed or handwritten notes and documents and turn them into PDFs.

The shared workspace makes it easy to communicate with your spouse-to-be, wedding coordinator, bridesmaids, in-laws or anyone else associated with the wedding.

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A simple, but comprehensive budgeting tool, Mint pulls information from all of your accounts and tracks spending across categories (restaurants, bars, shops, bills and so on), offers financial tips based on your activities and provides alerts for upcoming bills and unusual activity alerts. Additionally, users can get free credit scores and tips on how to improve their credit.

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For anyone with family and friends who can’t make it to town for the Big Day or perhaps an infirm relative for whom getting around is daunting or just not an option, LiveLens is a broadcasting tool which shoots live video of your wedding. There is no limit to streaming, so don’t worry about chatty officiates or long-winded speeches. After the wedding, use the app to watch the other user's events, including cooking demos, bike races and fashion shows.

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