Baby, you’re not in Kansas anymore. The Sugar Mill was the setting for the NO/AIDS Task Force’s 22nd annual art auction and holiday gala, Art Against Aids, on December 6. The theme of the evening was echoed in the invitation’s declaration: “The world doesn’t have to be so black and white… Come experience Life in Technicolor.”

Guests were welcomed by beautiful queens dressed to the perfect tens! Beyond the doors, the interior was dotted with tables of friends congregating below bright decorative orbs. A lofted area provided cozy seating and a bird’s eye view of the festivities and supporters decked out; some in holiday attire. The exterior was made more comfortable with a bar and patio heaters for those braving the December chill for a bit of fresh air and conversation.

Starting off the night were treats, in the form of goodie bags, drinks and a wide selection of food: Cochon and Krispy Kreme with Tony Mandina’s and Sake Café in between. A sprawling silent auction showcased loads of New Orleans-inspired art. One detailed piece depicting a marching band had lookers talking. There was also a section with crafts from local schools available for purchase.

The live auction followed with hearty participation; t’was the season of giving.

Chairs were Tony Leggio, Laurence Mercier, Kathleen Gross, Shari Harrison and Candy Kirby. Bryan Batt served as honorary chair. NO/AIDS is thankful for their many sponsors including, Mardi Gras Productions, Abita Beer and Canon Hospice as well as the donors and artists for
their participation.