Tee for Two (or Fore)!

Barbara Bush, Regan Forrester and I are all starting to play golf and needless to say, we all need a lot more work to be competent at this game! Our goal is to have fun! We even decorate our golf cart so the other golfers will be aware that we’re out. Hitting trees, landing in other fairways, landing in the rough and in the water are all parts of our game, but we haven’t hit another golfer yet, so there’s hope!

Celebrating after playing golf is very important, so why not plan a late lunch for your foursome or men’s twosome? Then, you can share stories about great shots and missed opportunities – or just an afternoon of fun! I’ve come up with a ladies and men’s golf lunch with a little help from Dathel and Tommy Coleman.

The first table is for the girls! We bought artificial turf at Lowes and put that on the table first, followed by the sand for the sand traps. I cut blue fabric to look like small lakes and voila! Now you’ve got the start to your decorations. The flag in the center is placed in the water-soaked oasis and covered with galax leaves to hide the mechanics. Oversized golf balls are created with pompom daisies in round balls and set on top of plastic tees. Golf balls and tees are scattered about and could be favors, but I used baseball caps decorated with faux flowers from the Dollar Tree. My hot pink golf bag is near the table – I hear that Paris Hilton has a pink bag as well, but I’m certain that she didn’t hot glue flowers to her golf club covers. Maybe she should read my column! We tied golf clubs to the back of each chair as chairback bouquets. Now we’re ready for a light lunch with the girls!

The men’s table is served on real grass (I used Mondo grass) and we hope that no small insects crawl out while they’re eating! Beer is poured in hand-painted glasses and I added roses and hyacinths in the golf shoes for a little color. Another flag adorns their table and golf balls are teed up and ready for the next shot.

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