Teri Wyble

People to Watch Class of 2015
Photographed by Jeffery Johnston


A performer since childhood, Arnaudville native and actress Teri Wyble has a wise and optimistic understanding of the industry as she moves forward into bigger productions. The striking brunette, who performs in film, television, commercials and voiceovers, currently has a role in the stoner action-comedy, American Ultra (in theaters now), which put her alongside big-name stars Kristen Stewart, Topher Grace and Jesse Eisenberg.

“The growth in this career will never end,” she says. “I’m anxious to delve more into my craft for new experiences, new faces and for expecting the unexpected. … What keeps me going is the hope that the next audition could be it – whether it’s my dream role or a meaty part in a huge film that will open more doors.”

One of her biggest accomplishments, she notes, is that “the industry hasn’t chewed me up and spit me out yet.”

She also understands the work-life balance. “I love my job, but it’s not my life. Perhaps this detail is what’s helped me succeed thus far. For many actors, every audition is the end-all, be-all, which isn’t the way I like to look at things.” Noting the challenges of constantly being on-call, she concludes, “I’m a hippie at heart,” she says. “So my long-term goal is happiness. By keeping this at the core of each goal, it helps to make everything fall into place.”