The ’90s Fashion Worth Repeating

There are great fashion decades, and then there are some we’d rather forget. But even some of the most dismal moments in fashion history are worthy of a second take. . Many of the trends that have made a comeback (or become staples) evolved from unfortunate looks of decades past. Take the cloche hat of the 1920s. Spectacularly unflattering as it was, it still paved the way for the classic bob haircut as well as the bucket hat (currently having a renaissance). And what about the spandex unitards of the 1980’s made popular by Jane Fonda? Would we have Lululemon pants and the freedom to wear workout clothes all day long without them? Probably not. 

One of my personal favorite fashion decades was the 1990s. Perhaps, because I was in my late teens and 20’s and had the freedom to experiment with fashion for the first time. I lived in my halter bodysuit, Esprit skort and “borrowed” my mom’s Donna Karan tops whenever possible. MTV’s House of Style was “must-see TV” exposing high fashion and model life to the masses. The ’90s served up plenty of legitimate designs and launched new names like Marc Jacobs and Todd Oldham into the stratosphere. Many of their garments have stood the test time. So, even though my mother subscribes to the adage, “if you were young enough to wear the trend the first time, then you’re too old when it comes around the second time,” well, some rules are meant to be broken. I’ll give her the fact that there are scores of ’90s trends currently making a comeback that need not be repeated by me (overalls, crop tops, crazy-thin eyebrows), but there are a few that I can’t help but feel nostalgic about and inspired to try again! 

Here are the ’90s trends back in style that I’m ready to try a second time: 

Daisy Details:  

Daisies were all the rage, particularly for 90’s It girl, Drew Barrymore. To keep it age appropriate and modern try this leather bolo necklace. A hint is all you need.  

The '90s Fashion Worth Repeating

Tulle Skirt, Net a Porter 
Daisy Necklace, Saks Fifth Avenue
Daisy Top, So Susu
Daisy Clog, Saks Fifth Avenue
Modeira Dress, Pronto
Bucket Bag, So Susu

Slip Dress: 

Form fitting doesn’t have to mean spandex. Show off your curves with a flowy slip dress like this one at Wildflower boutique.  

The '90s Fashion Worth Repeating

Slip Dress, Pied Nu
Asymmetric Slip Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue
Short Slip Dress, Wildflower 
Slip Maxi Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue 

A Bold Sexy Blazer: 

A tailored jacket looks good at any age. Stand out with a bold hued blazer like this one from The Elizabeth Chronicles.  

The '90s Fashion Worth Repeating

Houndstooth Blazer, Net-a-Porter
Purple Blazer, UAL
Floral Blazer, Alice and Olivia 
Lime Blazer, Elizabeth Chronicles 

Chunky Heeled Shoe: 

Pop in a grunge rock CD and wear an updated version of the thick soled shoe worn by celebs like Winona Ryder and Janet Jackson. 

The '90s Fashion Worth Repeating

Converse Shoes, Weinsteins 
Chunky Boot, Pilot/Powell
Platform Shoe UAL
Nina Boot, Joseph

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