The Best Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! This week’s “Editor’s Pick” has a special Halloween twist. We’re sharing our favorite Halloween costumes with any readers that need last-minute ideas before tonight’s festivities or just for some fun visuals of your favorite editorial team!

In college my friend and I dressed as a zombie bride and groom. We had all the gory cuts and bruises on our faces and lots of fake blood. I think she borrowed a wedding dress from her aunt and I wore an old, 70s-style tuxedo of her dad’s. There were a lot of ruffles for both of us and it was an odd combo of funny and gross. – Melanie Spencer, editor

My fellow editors at RenPub will all remember my yass-ified Wicked Witch, and there is no topping that. – Topher Danial, Custom Publishing

When I was 7 my mother dressed me up as Dolly Parton. She spared no detail. Use your imagination. – Andy Myer, editor

The Best Halloween Costumes
A 1977 photo of Dolly Parton at the Country Music Awards in Nashville,Tenn. (AP Photo)

I was Red Fraggle a few years ago. Made that one. Was pretty proud. – Kim Singletary, editor

My friends and I dressed up as each other one year and that was a lot of fun (and self-reflective)! – Drew, database coordinator

Kind of dark, but one year a group of us dressed up in frontier/prairie – wear with icicles and frozen faces. Add some mannequin hands to gnaw on, and Voila!  Donner: Party of Five. – Ashley McLellan, editor

We really bring it as a group for our Renaissance Publishing Halloween celebrations, and my favorite costume has to be when we decided to dress up as the Channel 4 News Team from the movie “Anchorman.” We all really brought it that year. – Kelly Massicot, digital editor

The Best Halloween Costumes

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