The Best in Modern Men’s Fashion

If you ask my dad, a collared shirt is the minimum dress code required (for a man) to leave the house. Even to walk the dog. He grew up as a member of the Silent Generation, when expressing discomfort of any kind was just not tolerated; least of all about the clothes you were lucky enough to have on your back. Thus, he can’t begin to imagine a world where young men worry about things as trivial as the comfort of their clothing. Yet here we are. Comfort and opinions on such matters rule. Much to my father’s chagrin, the cozy togs favored by Millennial and Gen Z shoppers are not going anywhere soon. No tie, no problem! The younger, modern consumers of today hail comfort as king. There’s little need for a tie when you work from home, have a side hustle and host meetings in a coffee shop. 

But fear not, all pomp is not lost. Younger generations found ways to help us all relax our wardrobes a bit while still respecting a sense of social decorum. Enter the shirt jacket, colloquially known as the Shacket. It’s been around for a few seasons but has become a true staple as of late, combining a hint of formality with the cut and the fit and/or fabric of a favorite shirt. Ceremony is still respected whilst leaving open the possibility for lounging about in your home office between meetings. My dad may have lost his battle on collared shirts, but not the war. The relaxed looks of today are still respectable and fashion forward and there are still plenty of gentlemen among us.  

**Favorites include this wool sport coat by Billy Reid. It feels like a soft cardigan but is formal enough to wear out to dinner. This knit coat from Marine Layer also does the trick!** 

The Best in Modern Men's Fashion

L to R:
Stretch Wool Jacket by Atelier Munro, Rubenstein’s
Cotton Cashmere Safari Jacket, by Atelier Munro, Rubenstein’s

The Best in Modern Men's Fashion

L to R:
Barracuda Jacket, Q Clothiers
Quilted Jacket, Billy Reid
Wool Cotton Jacket, Custom Options at Rubensteins (free valet parking) 

The Best in Modern Men's Fashion

L to R:
Soft Sport Coat, Billy Reid
Wool Soft Jacket, Q Clothiers 

Image 4: Left to Right 

The Best in Modern Men's Fashion

L to R:
Suede Cashmere Jacket, Saks Fifth Avenue
Suede Shacket, Saks Fifth Avenue 

Events this week: 

Thursday, November 3: Piranesi Jewelry trunk show at Saks Canal Place 

Friday, November 4, and Saturday, November 5: (10 a.m.) Crescent City Auction Major Estates Auction (highlights include a French Bentwood cherry rocker and emerald earrings

Friday, November 4, and Saturday, November 5: (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.) Offsite Holiday Pop Up for French home décor store Aux Belles Choses (#11 Trianon Place) 

November 5: (11 a.m. – 4 p.m.)  Freret Market – a pop up of local art, crafts of food 

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