The Best of 2018: Our Top Picks


As the year winds down, we've been looking at some of the best blog posts of 2018. The first was our most popular blog – a "Location Spotlight" on the restaurant Gris-Gris – and yesterday highlighted the best "Wediquette Wednesday" from the year. 

Today, however, we are highlighting some of our favorite blogs this year. 


First, is the recap of the year's first royal wedding – that of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

After a star-studded parade of wedding guests – including Oprah, tennis star Serena Williams and husband Alexis Ohanian, Victoria “Posh Spice” and David Beckham and George and Amal Clooney – the bride emerged from a Rolls Royce in a gorgeous Givenchy gown. The design was simple, classic and chic – which did not get many good reviews from opinionated Twitter commentators due to its lack of pizazz – and acted as a perfect silhouette for the glamorous second-time bride. Markle’s veil, in our opinion, was the showstopper of the day. The 16-foot-long veil was embroidered with 53 lace flowers, each representing a different country in the Commonwealth.

It was one of my (Kelly) favorites simply because of the fairytale aspect. The Duchess of Sussex looked absolutely stunning and the pair, you could tell, were absolutely in love. Read the entire blog here

The Best of 2018: Our Top Picks

Our second favorite was in August, when the 24-hour marriage law became official. 

For many generations, the law stated that a couple had to wait 72 hours between being issued a license and holding a wedding ceremony. Though our research has come up empty, we are told by local wedding professionals that the law was allegedly created to protect sailors and other military men stationed or on leave in the port of New Orleans from women who would coax them into marriage when they were inebriated in order to get their death benefits in the event that they were killed in the line of duty. The 72-hour waiting period would either allow the sailors to sober up and make sound decisions or ship out before the chance to make the marriage legal. 

This law will allow for more options for local and out of town couple's looking to get hitched in the Big Easy. Read the entire blog here


It's no secret we love to explore cultural wedding traditions from around the world. One of our favorites from this year was exploring French wedding customs and traditions. 

Melanie and I are both Francophiles at heart — Melanie’s obsession being slightly larger than mine (Melanie here: This is a gross understatement!) — which led to the naming of this very blog in homage to the last French queen, the infamous Marie Antoinette. 

But, we realized recently that we’ve never done a deep dive into the wedding rituals of the culture that inspired the name of the “Let Them Eat Cake,” blog (we know, we know, she never said it).

From the French version of a marriage license to what they eat at their reception, read up on all of it here



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