Mike And Tyee Salmon

Yesterday afternoon Chef Mike Nelson of GW Fins scored one of the very few and highly coveted Tyee Salmon. This ultra-fatty fish is to the seafood kingdom what Kobe is to beef. Chef Mike’s specimen arrived straight from the waters of New Zealand, and he started serving up portions last night. The rare delicacy will remain on the menu tonight and possibly Friday night, that is, ‘till the fish runs out.

Interested in learning more about Tyee Salmon? Go here.

Colorful Textiles At Elysian

Elysian on Magazine Street is hoisting a Pop Up Party and Crawfish Boil on Friday from 11 .m. – 4 p.m. with crawfish from Buggin’ Out Boils, flan from Only Flans by Chef Ely, and throws from Epiphany, a sustainable Mardi Gras company using old costumes to create new Mardi Gras accessories. Bring in an old costume for Epiphany to upcycle and you will receive 10% off all purchases at Elysian purchases for people that bring in old costumes during pop up for Epiphany to upcycle. Elysian carries one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces clothing, textiles, and housewares originating in Turkey and Central Anatolia. Be sure to check out Elysian’s Carnival Capsule Collection – a specially curated selection of Elysian’s bestselling styles boasting Mardi Gras colors and fun patterns to celebrate in style.

One Of 20 New Orleans Community Fridges Scattered About Town

Ever wonder about those refrigerators you see scattered around town, some of them fancifully painted, others not? Just as the pandemic was setting in back in 2020 New Orleans joined a growing number of cities across the country experimenting with community supported outdoor refrigerators. New Orleans Community Fridges, which spearheaded the local effort, was inspired by similar efforts in New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Today there are 20 refrigerators scattered across town and stocked with frozen meals, fresh produce, and cold water. Each refrigerator, some of which have been colorfully adorned by local artists, is hosted by a home, business, or organization that supplies the electricity to keep the appliance running. People are free to take what they need and encouraged to leave what they can. It is all available for free to anyone who needs it 24/7. When the refrigerator needs to be cleaned or supplies run out, willing volunteers take do the work.

“If you are hungry or thirsty, there is an autonomous space in your neighborhood where you have direct access to the things you may need,” NOCF stated in an email.” If you have access to food, water, groceries, or money, it means that the same free space is available for you to directly make an impact for your community. The larger goal is to provide an avenue for neighbors to support each other through difficult times.”

This altruism inspired the fine peeps at the Southern Foodways Alliance to dedicate a recent installment of their podcast, The Gravy, to New Orleans Community Fridges and the role this generosity and community is bringing to people’s lives. You can listen to the podcast here. The Gravy podcast can also be downloaded for free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

From free meals via Community Fridges to upscale wine dinners, we have it all here in NOLA.

Cv Mg Wine Dinner 2022 (1080 × 1350 Px)

Next Wednesday evening Copper Vine will host its 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Wine Dinner featuring the thoughtful and lush wines of Copain Winery. Executive Chef Amy Mehrtens will take guests on a culinary journey through a decadent, five-course dining experience with unexpected flavor combinations and playful takes on classic dishes, while Copper Vine’s new Sommelier Emily Walker will curate harmonious wine pairings featuring Copain Wines to compliment the evening’s meal. Live music will be provided by Nick Ellman (saxophone + clarinet) & Sam Kuslan (keys). Tickets are $150, inclusive of tax and service.

With so much going on in NOLA right now let’s look out for one another.