Invented in Paris and now available in New Orleans at Vibrant Market, Buccal Facials are also known as ‘The Natural Facelift.’

Buccal means relating or involving the cheek, so in simplest of terms, a buccal facial is a cheek massage performed by a trained therapist. Working both on the outside and on the inside of the cheek, it is a facial unlike any other.

This intraoral massage works on the muscles, ligaments and lymph in the cheeks and jaw.  The therapist massages to move stagnations of liquids and to release tension. They work around the orbicularis of the mouth and around the nose to open up the sinus. Going deeper into the cheek, they lift and sculpt using circular motions. 

Benefits include decreased puffiness and enhanced natural curvatures of the bone structure of the face.  Stimulation of the facial muscles and increased lymphatic drainage increases blood flow bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the skin and improving the body’s natural detoxification system.  It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin so that the face appears more youthful, brighter and tighter. 

Already a staple in any A-lister’s facial routine, the buccal facial produces a younger, more contoured look instantly and results can last up to a month.

According to Lauren Trostorff, founder of Vibrant Market, 

“Known as the natural facelift, the Buccal Facial is the treatment you didn’t know you needed. It sculpts, tightens, lifts, and drains (which helps with breakouts). This facial also releases hidden trauma, tension and stored emotions.  You can’t imagine how good it feels until you experience it; it is the massage you wish wouldn’t end. You are guaranteed to leave this treatment glowing and relaxed.”

Vibrant Market, 3811 Magazine St.,