The BugLady’s Butterfly Summer: How to attract butterflies with native plants

Linda Auld is the third generation owner of Barber Laboratories and author of “BugLady’s Butterfly Summer.”

In this podcast, Auld discusses her new book and explains the important role insects play in our gardens and throughout the planet.

Auld’s specialty is butterflies. Her book is the result of field research she conducted while collecting and studying butterflies and native plants.

In today’s high-tech, fast-paced culture, many people are removed from nature. In “BugLady’s Butterfly Summer,” Auld offers examples of how we can connect with nature and begin to see the small things that make life fascinating and mysterious.

Every Saturday in September, Auld will be at various nurseries throughout metropolitan New Orleans and beyond. She will offer tips about how to attract butterflies by planting easy-to-grow native plants.

For detailed information and a list of the nurseries Auld will visit, visit