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The Classics The Classics

There are almost as many hairstyles for brides as there are dresses and engagement rings, so the decision as to which one to wear can be fraught with anxiety.
Luckily, we are on hand to showcase the best bridal hairstyles that are universally flattering and timeless. Pick any one and you will find it’s a winner.



Literally, this one is fit for royalty. Kate Middleton favored the semi updo when she married Prince William. The style is very versatile. Like Kate’s elegant style, hair can be gently lifted at the front and left to fall in soft curls at the back. Alternatively, you can dress it up into a retro bouffant to add height and drama. Small pieces of hair can be teased to frame the face and create a softer, more casual version and it’s easy to let it down for an evening reception.


A low slung bun suits all face shapes and most hair types, except extremely short cuts. The bun itself can be positioned on either side or in the middle and is just as pretty with smooth hair as it is textured with curls and waves. An easy style to accessorize, sparkly hair pieces such as brooches or combs look stunning as do simple tiaras or even ribbons wrapped around the bun or threaded through the hair.


Always dramatic, ballerina buns offer more flexibility than you might think. When voluminous locks are pulled high into a tidy bun, it looks dramatic and sophisticated. Equally show stopping is a sleek, tightly pulled bun right at the crown of the head, which will emphasize the cheekbones and facial structure. This style does not call for complicated accessories but a simple flower or small diamond barrette can complete it.


Perhaps the easiest bridal style of all, an updo can be sexy and sophisticated or pretty and understated. Hair can be textured and curly or smooth and straight. Brides can opt for a traditional style with hair piled at the back or decide on a more unstructured style incorporating braids, gold strands or small diamond barrettes.


Many brides want to wear a style they are used to like Amal did when she wed George (Clooney). Long waves are undeniably romantic but you want to make sure they look sophisticated and last the whole day. Hair needs to be blown out to create volume at the top of the head and holding spray or styling wax should be worked through to the ends to keep waves in place. The size of the curling iron will determine between curls and waves and pieces can be pinned up at the front to frame the face.


Some brides like the ease and relaxed look of a ponytail. The secret to making it wedding worthy is to backcomb the hair for volume before smoothing it into a perfect high pony. Position no higher than the crown and consider wrapping a piece of hair, ribbon or lace around the top of the pony for a polished finish.




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