The Cure

Somehow the doctors have forgotten about the cure. Our cover story this month looks at some of the best orthopedists in the area. The story is in keeping with our annual August issue, which determines and highlights the region’s top doctors. New Orleans is blessed to be the home of two medical schools and the setting for an expanding medical center.
For all the medical brainpower in the city, however, science has forgotten about a cure-all that seemed flawless when I was in grade school. Whatever medical problem we suffered, anytime we were sent to the front office to report our malady, the cure was the same – a 7-Up. Instead of aspirin, the lady in the office dispensed change for us to go to the drink machine for a carbonated lemon-lime drink. Stomachache was our most common complaint – but given 7-Up’s medicinal potency, we might have expected that the drink could have been rubbed on the face to cure acne or splashed on the head to relieve dandruff.
Our teachers probably read the latest medical journals because they knew that only 7-Up would do – not Sprite or Mountain Dew and certainly not Fresca.
My mother, however, had an even better cure. On mornings when I would complain about not feeling well enough to go to school, she would say, “Well, get up, and I will take you to the doctor.” Suddenly I felt better. Soon I was off to school, and I didn’t even have a 7-Up to show for it.

When the Press Club of New Orleans handed out its annual awards, top honors in the Columns category went to Modine Gunch, whose humor column (in this issue, page 166) has been a fixture in this magazine. This is one of several times that Gunch has won a first-place award.When asked how many times, Gunch revealed that her files were lost when she evacuated for Hurricane Dennis. (“After all dat, it didn’t even come,” Gunch complained.) Accepting the award for Gunch was writer Liz Scott Monaghan, her therapist, stylist and personal trainer.
Other New Orleans Magazine winners were:
Jason Berry, second place, Critical Review.
Faith Dawson, third place, Headlines.
Byron Humphrey, second place, Cartooning.
Errol Laborde, third place, Columns.
Mike Luckovich, third place, Editorial Illustration.
Poydras the Parrot, who co-authors our Julia Street question-and-answer column, refused to comment on the magazine’s successes, saying that he was too busy deciding where to place his Pulitzer Prize, once he wins it.

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