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The End of 'Breaking Bad' is Near

Pretty much the only thing I can think about right now is “Breaking Bad” seeing as I have just watched the penultimate episode of the entire series and I just have so many emotions!

This is the last week we have to wait until it all ends and there are a few things we can do around New Orleans in anticipation.


Go to “Breaking Bad” trivia.

The folks at Geeks Who Drink are hosting a Breaking Bad” trivia night at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25, at Waloo's (1300 N. Causeway Blvd., Metairie). There's a $5 admission fee and the possibility of cash prizes. Who's coming with me?


Eat breakfast.

It's an ongoing joke that all Walter Jr. does on the show is eat breakfast, so take the time to remember when the show was actually very funny at times and have some bacon and eggs.


Enjoy a blue snowball.

Fall is fast approaching, so make sure to take advantage of the snowball stands and enjoy some blue ice! The drug-free and legal blue ice!


Have some Popeyes.

Popeyes is the New Orleans version of "Los Pollos Hermanos." It's the best you can do. Have some fried chicken to remember Gus Fring and his brilliant meth/chicken/laundry empire. I'm planning to chow on some of that "chicken in waffle batter" here real soon.



You can catch the whole series again starting Wednesday, Sept. 25, on AMC. They're replaying all the episodes leading up to the series finale.


Find a viewing party for Sunday, if you dare.

I'm thinking that I'll want to watch the last episode alone because I'm sure no one wants to witness me screaming and crying at the television, like I have for the past two episodes. But if you think you can handle being in public, the Lost Love Lounge will be having a viewing party and you can order plenty of adult beverages and Vietnamese food.


And now a few things about the show (spoilers below if you have not watched the whole thing)…

In the latest episode we found out a few things we've been wondering about from those two vague and ominous "flash-forward" scenes from the first episodes of the "split seasons.” How Walt got those hipster frames, how he ended up in New Hampshire, why his house had a fence around it, why he bought some serious weapons at Denny's and why he risked going back to his graffiti-ridden old house to retrieve the ricin he stashed there after the whole Gus Fring event went down (oh how I miss you, Gus!).

But there are still so many things left that need to go down. Here is my “Breaking Bad” wish list. I'm sure not all of them can come true because there needs to be conflict and loss and the element of surprise to make compelling television, but these are the things that I desperately want to happen:

1. Jessie Pinkman needs to live somehow so that I can wrap him in a blanket and bring him cocoa. Also, I'm hoping that the last scene shows him driving off to Alaska with the vacuum cleaner repair guy to start a new life, find a nice girl who likes his penchant for over-sized loud hoodies and for all his dreams to come true. I mean, that poor man.

2. They have to answer the question about what went down with Gretchen. Way back in season one, we found out that Gretchen is Walt's ex-girlfriend and former partner but we've never found out why he left her and in effect, left a billion dollar company behind. The show has never fully explained what happened with them. Now that she's made a cameo appearance, they can't bring her back only to never explain one of the show's biggest unanswered questions.

3. I hope Skyler White is able to find some kind of resolution. In the first few seasons of “Breaking Bad,” Skyler wasn't the most sympathetic character and she's been an easy target to hate on. She's even inspired a whole discussion on complex women in television called the "Skyler White Effect." Skyler has grown on me though, and I really hope she makes it in the last episode. I honestly don't think anyone is safe from being offed at this point, but I really hope they leave Skyler, Flynn and especially Holly alone. Also, Skinny Pete and Badger. Them too.

4. I hope Walt accomplishes his goal. The whole point of this entire undertaking (at least in his mind) has been to take care of his family. He knew he was probably going to die of lung cancer, so he wanted to leave his wife and children with plenty of money to live comfortably when he was gone. I hope that in some way, he's able to achieve this. I'm not sure how he'd get them that barrel of money, but he's the genius, so I hope he figures it out.


The End of 'Breaking Bad' is Near

Todd. Must. Die.

And not just die, but be tortured while he watches his Nazi psychotic uncle and friends die horrible deaths, AND LYDIA TOO, hopefully with ricin in her damn stevia!

And I'm sure that's about the nicest and PG thing I can say about what I want to happen to Todd, his motley crew of white supremacists, and Lydia.

And in all seriousness, the actor who plays Todd should probably go to a secluded cabin in the woods for a while like Walter White did, because I'm pretty sure he's the most hated person in America right now, fictional character or no.

In closing, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it's all over. Somehow “Boardwalk Empire” just doesn't sound like that much of a consolation. I suppose the promise of the return of Daryl Dixon and “The Walking Dead” in October will have to do, but even that doesn't quite cut it. Sundays are about to be a little more empty, you guys. Hugs.

The End of 'Breaking Bad' is Near

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