The Garden District Book Shop Announces April Events

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Poet Catharine Brosman will be at The Rink on April 6 to celebrate the release of her latest collection of poems, “Arm in Arm: Poems.” With its broad range of vision and mastery of poetic technique, “Arm in Arm” shows again why Brosman is, as Claude Wilkinson wrote, one of America’s finest poets. Her wit, powers of observation, and depth of feeling are displayed on page after page, as she looks at the world personally, phenomenologically (in food and flower poems, for instance), and spiritually. At the event, Catharine will read from Arm in Arm and discuss her work with guests. Books will be available to purchase from The Garden District Book Shop. The event is open to the public and will begin at 6:00 p.m. 


The Rink and The University of New Orleans Press will celebrate the trade paperback release of Fredrick Barton’s “With Extreme Prejudice” on April 7. The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. and is open to the public. Barton will be taking questions and reading excerpts. 

It has been a year since Mike Barnett’s beloved wife, Joan, was killed in a car accident. Since then, he has anesthetized his grief with alcohol. But when he returns home one drunken evening to discover his house ransacked and Joan’s private law files in shambles, he is forced to face the possibility that there may have been more to Joan’s death than he has heretofore imagined.” “As Mike puts Joan’s files back in order, he discovers that some of her papers are missing, and he begins what he believes, at first, to be the simple and straightforward task of finding them. However, as his search continues, he is confronted with a series of disturbing facts, each one pulling him deeper into the past as he retraces Joan’s steps through the mystery of Grieve vs. Retif, a case she successfully tried before the Supreme Court but which continued to obsess her long after she won. From the integrated uptown neighborhoods of New Orleans to the antebellum mansions of the city’s Garden District, from racist real estate scams to a corrupt hall of vital records, Barnett pursues secrets kept for decades – a pursuit that uncovers unimaginable greed, deceit, and murder.”

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