The Gift of Giving Back

A welcome, growing theme is the registering for charitable donations in the place of gifts. Birthday parties, baby showers and more are all events in which you can replace traditionally wrapped gifts with a donation to a favorite charity.  

If you are an already established couple with no need for extra bath towels or that 8-speed blender, asking for a charitable donation in place of a gift is a generous way to make your Big Day even more magical. Though there are countless websites and ways for guests to gift money directly to the couple and in turn they can donate to any charity, there are also websites designed for couples to customize their charity list, making it easily accessible to guests. is a user-friendly sister site of Just Give launched in 2000, with 680,000 nonprofits and has now nearly tripled to 1.8 million. I Do Foundation gives guests a secure and private outlet to donate a tax-deductible donation in honor of the couple.

Once the couple has created a registry, the site makes it easy to keep track of donations and edit the charity registry. I Do Foundation also offers couples the option to make a personal wedding website through I Do. The website is customizable to the couple and displays pictures, wedding party details, accommodations for out of town guests, the list of charities and more.

The Gift of Giving Back

The Gift of Giving Back


For couples looking to donate closer to home, a list of New Orleans charities can be found at


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