Founded: 1925
Theme: “NOLA’s Ark”
Photographer: Rudy Bierhuizen at Mike Posey Photography & Video


Her Majesty Queen Harlequins Miss Emily Clay Weinmann

Debutantes Miss Alston Adele Bagot, Miss Camille Elise Ciolino and Miss Caroline McDaniel Hughs, with Her Majesty Queen Harlequins Miss Emily Clay Weinmann, and Matron Mrs. Jason William Adriance (reigned as Miss Mary-Frances Joy Labouisse), and Debutantes Miss Marcelle Therese Kepper and Miss Hayden Dawson Livaudais (not pictured: Miss Lillian Miles Rufty)

Tableau Children Master Patrick Joseph Able, Master Christopher Page Gagnet, Miss Charlotte Carrere Guider, Miss Claire Brenchley Hefler, Miss Camille Mirene Highsmith, Master Benjamin John Kerber Jr., Miss Charlotte Spencer LaCour, Miss Emma Adele Ralston, Master John Lloyd Girard Robert Jr., Master Denis Edgar Simon V, Master Lee Alden Waldrup and Master Andrew James Yount

Maids Miss Cecilia Walshe Balart, Miss Kristina Schwing Bickham, Miss Colleen Elisabeth Daly, Miss Wynne Adair Friedrichs Fox, Miss Emma Winn Freeman, Miss Evaline Finley Gomila, Miss Megan Elizabeth Harold, Miss Anne Villere Lagarde, Miss Margaret Elizabeth Latham, Miss Emma Alexander McFadden and Miss Claire Vining Morrison, with Pages Master William Bush Benton and Master Collins Perez Dabezies, with Her Majesty Queen Harlequins Miss Emily Clay Weinmann, and Pages Master Thompson Shaw Guider and Master John Peter Labouisse V, with Maids Miss Eliza Hollis Nieset, Miss Constance Gresham Brooke Overby, Miss Grace McQuaide Payne, Miss Alison Mary Redmann, Miss Gabrielle Volaire Rivé, Miss Madeline Prats Robert, Miss Claire Donna Maria Ryan, Miss Grace Farnsworth Schaumberg, Miss Jennifer Clare Stauss and Miss Cecelia Frances Zimmermann