The Historic New Orleans Collection

Teresa Devlin
james shaw photograph

Suffused in a rich historical atmosphere, the French Quarter is an exhilarating neighborhood. It’s full of grand cuisine, one-of-a kind antiques and hidden gardens. Adding to this rich experience is one of the region’s certified treasures: The Historic New Orleans Collection.

It’s a resource that might be unjustly ignored by residents, perhaps eschewing it as simply a tourist attraction, but to do that would be a big mistake.

The private archive and exhibit complex with thousands of historic photos, offers access to one million items that document everyday life as well as momentous historical events spanning more than three centuries.

“Resources like The Historic New Orleans Collection connect people with the past and give it relevance,” says Teresa Devlin, THNOC marketing manager. “We’ve seen visitors make new discoveries about their family histories, and homeowners gather insight into the people who lived in their houses. What is so remarkable to me is that our holdings chronicle not only the momentous events, but also the everyday occurrences that define the character of this place we call home.”

At the THNOC one can experience more than just research they can: take a variety of tours, discover cartography, engage in a culinary symposium, buy an intriguing book, attend an antiques forum or kick back with a craft beer while listening to music in the courtyard. THNOC has a bit of everything for the tourist and the native.

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