Kerri McCaffety is the author and photographer of a new book, "Steamboat Natchez, New Orleans & the History of Mississippi River Steamboats." McCaffety, a prolific writer and photographer, has published several popular books, including Obituary Cocktail, The Majesty of the French Quarter, and St. Joseph Alters. Her newest book recounts the history of Mississippi River steamboats, with particular emphasis on the history of those that have borne the name, NATCHEZ. For her source, Kerri turned to a well-known authority on steamboats and Mississippi River history and lore: Captain Clarke “Doc” Hawley. For decades, Doc Hawley served as the popular and knowledgeable captain of The New Orleans Steamboat Company’s beloved Natchez steamboat. On Nov. 14, Kerri and Doc will have a joint book signing aboard the NATCHEZ. For more information, call The New Orleans Steamboat Company at (504) 586-8777. The NATCHEZ is docked at Toulouse Street and the River in the French Quarter.


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