The Icing on the Cake

It is the best day of your life – what’s the cherry on top? Not a cherry at all, but a fluffy cupcake with a raspberry. You can pick from a number of flavors, colors and other accouterments that will suit your guests’ tastes as well as your own. Bee Sweet Cupcakes, 891-8333, 5706 Magazine St.,







The Icing on the Cake

This wedding cake from Sucré is perfect for a bride who likes simple elegance. Sucré, 520-8311, 3025 Magazine St.; 834-2277, 3301 Veterans Blvd., Lakeside Mall;

The Icing on the Cake

Add a little spice to your wedding with this whimsical, crawfish boil-inspired groom’s cake complete with potatoes, corn and celery – of the frosting variety. The Sweet Life Bakery, 371-5153, 6268 Vicksburg St.,

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