The “internet of things” is here. It’s in your lights, your appliances, your car and your watches. It’s literally everywhere. In a very basic form, the internet of things is physical objects (for example, your refrigerator), that are connected to the internet and designed to send and retrieve data. It’s the future that is happening right now in front of you.

But maybe you’re a fellow old person that doesn’t give a damn about this newfangled technology the whippersnappers invented. To that I say you’re right and cheers. So, in honor of your refrigerator telling your i-Pad that you’re running out of pastrami here is a list of things that you may or may not give a damn about.

1. The Tigers were thumped by Oregon State in the NCAA regionals. LSU baseball’s early exit was unexpected yet expected at the same time. I say that because it has definitely been an up and down year for the team, but it was tourney time so LSU usually starts kicking into high gear this time of season. On top of that, the Baton Rouge faithful always think the sky is falling and this time, I guess they were right.

2. With the end of the baseball season the next major holiday on the LSU calendar (aside from overanalyzing every football practice and recruiting rumor) is the Week One loss that everyone blames on the quarterback. LSU will play the Miami Hurricanes in Dallas, Texas on Sept. 2.

3. The next major holiday after the Week One loss for LSU football will be Week Two when the Tigers don’t beat an outgunned opponent by enough points and everyone decides the coach must go. Then LSU will win their next six games.

4. In a funny but not funny scenario that didn’t happen. I can easily see Tulane baseball’s coach, Travis Jewett, texting Grant Witherspoon upon hearing SPOOOON was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays and asking, “You sure you don’t want to stay?” It’s rough to lose your best player when you’re team has back-to-back losing seasons but you got to take a shot, right? Congrats to Witherspoon. The Rays have a star on their hands.

5. I know you’ve probably read some things but in your heart of hearts do you really think the New Orleans Pelicans have any chance whatsoever of adding Lebron James to the team? Or do you think it’s a story because all of the thousands of websites want you to click their story, which garners clicks which, in turn, makes the site (that has no inside info whatsoever) revenue?

The Internet of Sport Things
*Photo Credit: Associated Press

Lebron went to Miami to win titles. He then went back to Cleveland to bring his hometown team a title. Unless you have some inside angle that Lebron is a gumbo fanatic then let’s just all stop talking about it.

6. I have respect for everyone’s opinion and am proud of every single player who protests the anthem as a way to shine light on social injustice. The NFL, in typical fashion, botched every response to the situation. The brain trust’s latest solution is to let any player who wants to protest the anthem to stay in the locker room until the anthem ends. Problem solved, right? Now, instead of a handful of players kneeling on the sidelines, you are going to see some empty sidelines during the anthem. The NFL, once the banner of professional leagues, is in decline. Roger Goodell has lost touch and no one seems to be holding the reins of a once great league.

7. Even though I welcome the protests with open arms I also think it is funny when I read stories about when a coach would cut a player from the team back in the day because the player was hurt. Old school!

8. The New Orleans Babycakes should just make every night “Thirsty Thursday” night, right? Let’s fill the stands on a nightly basis with some rowdy fans and have a hundred Ubers sitting outside of the Shrine on Airline. That’s called sparking the economy folks. But you should head out to the ballpark, even though the Babycakes are 8.5 games out of first they are a nice 17-11 at home. So, call up the boys, and go root on the home team while kicking back with some suds that will only set you back two frogskins.

So hey, have a great time this week and yell at your TV in support of your favorite teams, but just remember that your new toaster is listening to you.


And like a fine wine with a steak dinner, every game should be accompanied by a beverage and song.


Beer Pairing: TrimTab Brewing’s “Pillar to Post” Rye Brown

Playlist Recommendation: Styx – “Mr. Roboto” 


Around the Way

All hail the new king, Justify! The thoroughbred became JUST the 13th Triple Crown winner after taking the Belmont Stakes with ease. It wasn’t even close, folks as jockey Mike Smith barely had to ask the horse for anything and went wire to wire.

For everyone knocking the feat because it was done in 2015 by American Pharoah, you should really look at yourself in the mirror and ask why you don’t get invited to more parties.

The Internet of Sport Things
*Photo Credit: Associated Press