My life is very similar to the scene in the Disney movie where the animals surround Snow White as she sings With a Smile and a Song,” except I cannot hit those high notes, am slightly more buxom and do not have 7 dwarves attending my every need. “Oh, be careful, he doesn’t like people!” a dog owner will cry, just before their previously fierce canine jumps onto me and licks my face. Some would say dogs love me because I smell like suet, but I believe they sense my inherent good nature.

I also like cats; one of my favorite creatures of any species was a half-Siamese named “Sarge,” whom I knew when I lived in Memphis, Tennessee. I don’t know that I’d describe Sarge as “sweet,” but to this day I have more respect for that cat than many of the people I’ve met.


All of this is as a preface to my comments about this post, from “Dat Cat Café,” which was posted on Facebook on October 15th:

Dearest Dat Cat Fans & Advocates, in spite of our efforts and the community's support and response, due to mitigating circumstances, we will be unable to pursue opening Dat Cat Cafe at this time. Without going into too great of detail, but basically for fiscal reasons, our beloved project will have to be shelved for the time being. We are going to keep our ears to the tracks as it were, and if we are given the opportunity in the future to pursue our goal, we will do so without hesitation. We know that you will all be very disappointed over this news and we are sorry to be letting you all down. Trust that no one is more disheartened than we are. We had ideas in mind that would've been revolutionary for cat and coffee culture.
The experience has been invaluable and we sincerely thank you for your efforts, support and interest. We are going to keep our page in the hopes that we will be able to announce Dat Cat Café's conception in the future. Until then, stay meowy everybody!!!


I swear to God I think it’s a good idea to open a café where people can come in and pet cats if that’s what they dig. I think it’s an even better idea to do that with cats people could then adopt. I am even willing to stay “meowy,” but I think maybe this is where the wave of new restaurants, bars and coffee shops has crested.  

Dear sweet baby Jesus crying in a manger, please don’t misunderstand me. I like cats! I like coffee! I like seeing cats while I’m drinking coffee and from time to time I have petted a cat whilst I drank coffee! Coffee + cats = good times as far as I’m concerned, but I’m not really sure it’s a business plan that works for New Orleans. You know? Like, if I was going to a bank to try to borrow money, I think perhaps I’d come up with something other than, “… and in addition to the coffee, customers can pet cats!”

But – and I must stress that I like cats, and coffee, and the idea that Dat Cat Café is all about – I think perhaps… just perhaps, people who self-identify as “cat people” may not see things quite the same way I do. I think even people who do not self-identify as cat people, but who nevertheless are cat people, may not understand my point.

If you are on the fence about whether you are a cat person, here is a quick test: do you live with more than three cats?

That’s the whole test, folks.

I’ll admit it’s not conclusive; you may have a single cat and be a cat person, but I propose that if you host 3 or more cats in your home the likelihood you are a cat person is 100 percent. There is nothing wrong with being a cat person, by any means, but you should probably be aware of it.

I very much hope that Dat Cat Café comes to fruition some day. There is surely a place in this world for people who love combining cats and coffee (without actually combining them, because that would be unpleasant and loud). I find it hard to believe that, as I’ve seen reported, a City ordinance prohibiting animals from sharing space with a food-service business is ultimately the stumbling block, but if so, I urge Mayor Landrieu and the City Council to address the issue immediately.

For if some of us are not free to drink coffee while petting cats, are any of us truly free at all? I think not, and I’m not just saying that because my high school class put on one of the best productions of Cats you’ve never seen.